Fundraising Concert


Eagles Nest Regeneration &

Blue Ridge Vocal Connection

with a program of inspiring music: 

The Times of Your Life

Saturday, September 24, 2022, 7:00 pm

Belmont Christian Church

1500 Pepper’s Ferry Road, NW

Christiansburg, VA 24073

Raffle & Door Prizes

We’re also holding a raffle to award a handmade lap quilt, garden bench, and special holiday wreaths. More wreaths and other items will be for sale as well, all to raise money for these worthy causes.

Writ of Maximus Habeas Attendus

Sheriffs and Commonwealth’s Attorneys are the top law enforcement officials In Virginia. It’s their sworn duty to protect the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.

Nevertheless, Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin and Commonwealth’s Attorney Mary Pettitt stand accused of negligently allowing Thomas DeBusk, director of local community chorus Blue Ridge Vocal Connection, to schedule a concert in their jurisdiction at Belmont Christian Church, Christiansburg at 7:00 pm on Saturday, September 24, 2022. The purported purpose of said concert is to promote community spirit and raise funds to operate both Blue Ridge Vocal Connection and substance abuse recovery center Eagles Nest Regeneration in Floyd County, VA.

Upon the order of the Montgomery County Compulsory Court, and for permitting this crime against nature to proceed, lawyer Pettitt and lawman Partin stand in danger of being required to bodily and personally appear at said concert, where they will be subjected to more fun, good times, and great music than the law should allow.

Pettitt and Partin plead with you to help them post an Appearance Bond in an amount sufficient to relieve them of the obligation to show up. Hearing their desperate pleas for mercy, the Honorable Robert C. Murkee signed a Writ of Maximus Habeas Attendus declaring that the lawyer or lawman whose supporters contribute the highest amount shall be deemed to have purged his or her contempt for the peace of the general public. Said party will be relieved of the duty of personally appearing at the concert. The party mustering the least generous supporters will be required to purge his/her or contempt by attending the concert in person, or by personally tendering a contribution of $100 or more.

Ticket buyers can indicate their support in favor of the lawyer or lawman of their choice during the checkout process here. Choose “Free the Lawyer” or “Free the Lawman” by clicking on “Select One” in the “Select an Option” drop-down box to apply the amount of your purchase to the party you support. Persons who can’t attend the concert, but wish to free either the afore-mentioned lawyer or lawman can purchase as many tickets as they wish and indicate their support accordingly.

The running total of the amount each party has raised will be updated regularly on this site until midnight, Friday, September 23, 2022, when the prevailing party will be declared free, and the losing party will be ordered to appear or pony up.

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