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“You Must Be x Old for This Ride”

We don’t have a minimum age requirement. We’d love to see whole families participate together, regardless of the child(ren)’s age(s).

We’re shamelessly ripping a page out of Summer Musical Enterprise’s playbill here. Among the many outstanding features that organization provides New River Valley residents is the opportunity for whole families to enjoy performance-oriented activities together. What a wonderful way to impart a love of music & singing to the next generation!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have standards. Here’s what matters: if your child is able and willing to participate constructively for the duration of a 2-hour rehearsal, then he/she is “old enough”. But that’s more a matter of disposition & maturity than age. There are 6-year-olds who can pass that test and 60-year-olds who can’t.

But we’re not running a babysitting service. If word got out that you could park a pack of kids with us for a couple of hours each week, we could have a ton of them “participating”. But we’d wind up doing more corralling than choralling. So to make sure this is a musically rewarding and productive experience, we insist that at least one able and responsible adult attend rehearsals as well. And by “able and responsible”, we mean someone who will enforce discipline among the children they bring.

We’d love to help instill a love of singing and impart some practical skills to youngsters. There are huge advantages to doing that before the insecurities of the teen and adult years root and blossom. It’s so hard to overcome negative attitudes toward singing once they’ve become established.

Blue Ridge Vocal Connection

Thomas L. DeBusk


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