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Music Director

Thomas L. DeBusk


Staley Lyle

Executive Committee

President: Thomas DeBusk

Vice President: Russell Shock

Secretary: Becky Shaver

Treasurer: Pamela Parker-White

Member-at-Large: Kat Birchfield


Thomas took piano & organ lessons for many years, but, alas, didn’t show much musical promise. Then he signed up for a college music theory class, and suddenly music made sense! He’s been playing catch-up ever since.

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention: Thomas served as a church music director for 10 years and started arranging music for handbells, choir, and other instruments during that time, because he needed simpler arrangements for minimally-experienced ringers.

So Thomas has a heart for wanna-be musicians whose enthusiasm exceeds their talent. His best attributes as a director are his patience and his ability to teach. He works hard at breaking difficult passages down into bite-sized, conquerable portions. His day job is working as an attorney in courts throughout the New River Valley.

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noon-2 pm

Blacksburg Sidewalk Stage

Draper Road Concert

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Blue Ridge Vocal Connection

Thomas L. DeBusk


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