Blue Ridge

       Vocal Connection

For our December, 2022 

Christmas in the Air…Waves

concerts, we’re performing:

Blue Ridge Vocal Connection Members

Forest Arnold

Kat Birchfield

Florence Bishop

Thomas DeBusk*

Linda Dickerson

Mark Freeman

Lesa Gardner

Betty Goetz

Genne Gwynne

Margaret Hrezo

Beth Ifju

Pam Kirkner

Staley Lyle

Jenny Marin

Steve Miller

Donald Orth

Pamela Parker-White*

Frank Parries

Erin Phoenix

Ruth Rosborough

Betsy Seagondollar

Becky Shaver*

Eric Shock

Jean Shock

Russell Shock*

Bryan Stafford+

Ernie Stalnaker

Bonnie Vaught

Sandra Wright


(please be generous about letting these people know how much you appreciate their contributions)

*These Executive Committee Members contribute a lot of behind-the-scenes effort to make this all work:

Thomas DeBusk • Director

Becky Shaver • President

Russell Shock • Vice President

 • Secretary

Pamela Parker-White • Treasurer

• Member at Large

#Staley Lyle makes playing the piano look easy. (It’s not.)

+Please recognize Bryan Stafford for supplying & operating the sound equipment for today’s concert! It’s no small task

Lastly, WE want to thank YOU, our audience, for attending today. We can only encourage and uplift the members of our community who come to our concerts. So THANK YOU for sharing this music with us, and for telling your friends & family members how much you enjoyed today’s show and encouraging them to attend our next performances…\

…on the phone,

…by email,

…on digital media,

…by carrier pigeon.

Blue Ridge Vocal Connection

Thomas L. DeBusk



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