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Intro to Music Reading, 11 am

Location: Basement

Note: Musical notation is an effective way to capture and convey instructions about how to perform a song. But it can also be a vexing mystery to beginning musicians. This workshop will break it down into elements so basic, relatable, and understandable that even a cave man six-year-old could follow along. If you’ve ever wanted to unlock the secrets of what you see on a page, this is the session to attend!

Lunch, 12 pm

Location: Sanctuary

Note: Lunch is included in the registration fee and will be served onsite in the Sanctuary for those who register on/before 1/10/24, and as supplies last for participants who register & pay at the door. Numerous restaurants are available within a 1-2 mile radius if we run short on food.

Applied Skills: Chorus A, B, C, D Rehearsals, 1 pm & 3 pm

Location: Sanctuary, Chapel, Classroom, Basement

Note: Participants will be divided into four choirs (Allisonia, Brush Mountain, Claytor Lake, and Dan River) with voice parts distributed as evenly as possible. Each choir will work with directors to prepare two songs for performance at the 4 pm All Cords Concert.

Keynote Kickoff: Warm Up w/Ula Weber, 9 am

Location: Sanctuary

Note: Ula will open the workshop with an energetic session of vocal warmups that will prepare singers for a day of vocal fun. You don’t need to know how to read music, or even sing! Using a “Simon says” approach, she will guide adventuresome participants into vocal frontiers where they’ll discover welcome flexibility, remarkable accuracy, and production techniques they didn’t know they had. 

All Cords Rehearsal, 10 am

Location: Sanctuary

Note: Our closing concert at 4:00 pm is open and admission is free to the public. It’s your chance to show your friends and family your new skills. The grand finale will be a couple of songs we perform together. The joint rehearsal for those songs is during the ten o’clock hour. Rehearsal tracks and pdf’s of the scores are here, and you’re strongly encouraged to familiarize yourself with them prior to the workshop.

Vocal Coach Workshops (male and female), 11 am & 2 pm

Location: Sanctuary (female), Classroom (male)

Note: Contrary to popular myth, singing isn’t a skill a few lucky people are born with and most other people don’t have. Rather, if you can speak, you can sing. And singing is a skill that can be improved with time and attention.

The format for these sessions will allow a limited number of participants to work one-on-one with world-class vocal instructors to identify and address barriers to better singing. Observers will get to see and hear what can happen when an artful, capable, and creative vocal instructor works with a willing and cooperative student.

Registration, 8:30-9:00 am

Location: Sanctuary

Note: Please come early to address any registration issues that might develop, especially if you don’t pre-register. Hot drinks & breakfast snacks will be available while they last. The first session (featuring Ula Weber by video from England) will begin promptly at 9:00 am, so you’ll want to make sure you’re already signed in by the time it starts.

Advanced Vocal Skills Workshop, 2 pm

Location: Sanctuary

Note: This is an advanced vocal technique workshop that will be led by vocal coach Gregory West. Open to singers and non-singers alike, it will also include an introduction to Voce Vista, an analytical software tool that’s designed to help voice students hear, interpret, and improve their vocal production.

All Vocal Cords Concert, 4 pm

Location: Sanctuary

Note: This closing concert is an opportunity to demonstrate what has been learned throughout the day. Each of the four choirs will perform the songs they’ve learned, and then join together to perform the final songs.

What better way is there to warm up a cold winter day than joining together in heartwarming and inspiring music?

Blue Ridge Vocal Connection

Thomas L. DeBusk


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